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Industrial visit at Hind Pharma

Hind Pharma organized industrial visits for Pharmacy students to provide knowledge of new modern techniques used in the Pharmaceutical Industry.

One-day industrial visit to Hind Pharma Bhopal, The industrial visit was carried out for fourth-semester, SAM & LNCT college pharmacy college students. There were a total of 30 students and two faculty members present. The Training manager and the Industry officials of the relevant unit explained the different stages involved in the preparation and processing of Pharmaceutical products. They had good interaction with the students. It was a very insightful learning experience for students and members of the faculty

Mr. Sourabh Pandey has explained about Hind Pharma by PPT presentation. The PPT presentation was very informative, introducing the company profiles and principles. The essential processes of the manufacturing of the water purification tablet were explained. They cover every small aspect of tablet making by giving day todays life examples. Many students have asked the queries and the instructor has solved them very cleverly and politely

 hind pharma water purification tablets

After presentation students moved for the plant visit where Mr. Sourabh Pandey  has guided all the students how to keep a safety and sterilized aprons

He started with the Entry and Exit procedure. To understate the importance of safety by using and seeing sign board information

After Entry and Exit procedure,  students was moved and who gained knowledge about the water purification tablets manufacturing process 

After that students was moved   The various divisions of stripping, filling, sealing, labeling and packaging were explained to students by industry officials of the specific unit. They also clarified the actual extraction process and preparation of different pharmaceutical products. With them, the students had strong contact. They also briefed the students on the approval procedure for secure formulations by various competent authorities.

Also, Visit to quality control lab and understand different testing parameters for tablet, liquid,semi-solids

In the second last part the batch was gone for the packing zone, there all the students has seen all types of pharmaceutical packaging as carton, mono carton & Pallets.The last part of the plant visit was storehouse where Mr Sourabh Pandey has explained the guideline of the storehouse and important symbols on the stored materials. He also given a demo of how to load and unload of the materials

In last we had an interaction of their AAYUSH GOSWAMI (COO at HIND PHARMA ). He ask few questions to the students and interacted very well. All the students were gathered at the main gate for the departure, and take a group photo with students

Certificates of attendance was distributed among the students and staff.

Here, we are going to tell you key Points, which learned by students during their industrial visit.

@ Introduction of company and its products.
@ Entry and Exit procedure.
@ Detail information on the manufacturing process.
@ Raw material and packaging material stores, their function & documentation.
@ SOP reading & its applicability.
@ Detail information equipment their working principal & uses.
@ Packaging section understand stripping, filling, sealing, & labeling.

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