Flo - Chlor
10 Litre/2.5 Gallons Water

Flo-Chlor Flocculant Disinfectant Powder is a substance that makes muddy water clean and safe to drink. It is a unique composition which causes rapid disinfection, coagulation, flocculation, buffering, ion exchange absorption, agglomeration and sedimentation.

It is used to purify turbid water in cases of emergency. The coagulant part of the powder will form flocs and separate the contaminants in water forming clear water in the container. These contaminants include dirt, pesticides and possibly some heavy metals. The disinfection part will release Chlorine in water that will kill the harmful microorganisms.

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The Flocculation Disinfection Powder Flo-Chlor has been proven to remove the vast majority of bacteria, viruses, and protozoa, even in highly turbid waters. Flo-Chlor has also been documented to reduce diarrheal disease from 90% to less than 16% incidence in five randomized, controlled health intervention studies. Flo-Chlor also removes heavy metals—such as arsenic—and chemical contaminants—such as pesticides—from water. Studies showing the efficacy of Flo-Chlor have been conducted for highly turbid water in the laboratory, in developing countries, in rural and urban areas, refugee camps, and include all age groups.

The benefits of Flocculation Disinfection Powder are:

Proven reduction of bacteria, viruses, and protozoa in water Removal of heavy metals and chemicals Increased free chlorine protection against contamination Proven reduction of diarrheal disease Visual improvement of water and acceptability Transport of sachets easy Long shelf life of sachets.

The drawbacks of Flocculation Disinfection Powder are:

Multiple steps are necessary—requires training or demonstration Requires a lot of equipment (2 buckets, cloth, and a stirrer). The higher relative cost per liter of water treated Flo-Chlor is most appropriate in areas with a consistent supply chain for sachet resupply and in urban, rural, and emergency situations when educational messages can reach users to encourage correct and consistent use.

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