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    Water Purification Tablets | NaDCC tablets

    Ef-Chlor 75 Mg For 12 Litres Water

    Ef-Chlor 75 Mg Water Purification & Filtration Tablets Each Tablet Purifies 20 liters Water Helps Killing 99.99% Bacteria & Virus from the water pack of 100 Tablets 3 Years Shelf Life

    Water Purification Tablets For Hiking are also very important when engaging in outdoor activities such as hiking and camping and might prove a very important accessory especially in areas with little or no potable water. By simply harvesting some rainwater or water from a stream or river, dropping some tablets into the bottle, and allowing the water to sit for a couple of minutes can prevent dehydration or water-borne diseases.

    water purification tablets for hiking

    While many outdoor enthusiasts might carry a portable water filter while on their journey, using water purification tablets in conjunction with one will provide better protection against pathogens. While portable water filters are excellent at filtering bacteria, parasites, and harmful debris, the filters are often too large to trap viruses. That’s where purification tablets come in handy.


    – Drinking-Water Purification
    – Hospital Disinfection
    – Baby Bottle Sterilizing
    – Janitorial Cleaning
    – Food and Catering
    – Fruit and vegetable disinfection
    – Poultry
    – For fast treatment of water for:
    * Emergency and Disaster
    * Travel and Camping
    * Household
    * Peace Keeping/Defence Forces
    * Marine Application
    * Disinfection of Water System
    * Municipal Water supplies

    From contaminated to clean water: The efficiency of water purification tablets

    The Water Purification Tablets For Hiking give guaranteed access to safe, potable water that is free from any bacteria or virus. It saves you from boiling water and aids you to safely store water for a long time. The active ingredients of the tablet, i.e. chlorine or iodine, act as water sterilizer and is effective against all known bacteria, viruses, and their spores. Despite their great biocidal effect, they are environment friendly and easy to store.

    It is a commonly known fact that drinking water contaminated with pathogens is the leading cause of gastrointestinal problems. The consumption of contaminated water can cause diarrhoea, typhoid, pneumonia, meningitis, and often prove to be fatal.

    How to use Water Purification Tablets For Hiking?

    The modern water purification tablets are miraculous, all you need to do is dissolve them in water and wait for all the contaminants to be swiped away.

    When to use it?

    • Other than your house, they can be used while trekking and camping.
    • The tablets are safe to use during emergencies like floods, earthquakes, or hurricanes when the water may be polluted. It should be noted that the tablets render pathogens and parasites harmless but do not work against sediments.
    • The tablets are functional for humanitarian aid services where organizations provide food and water to disaster-struck areas or zones with the scarcity of the resources.
    • The military can also use these tablets to get access to safe drinking water as and when required or aid services provide water to others.


    • They can be stored for years
    • They require no equipment or fuel unlike other water purification techniques as boiling or filtration.
    • Easy to use
    • Trustworthy even in emergency conditions
    • They can be easily stored because of their small size and lightweight.

    The tablets are generally safe to use but large dosages should be avoided. They are not recommended for people with allergies to iodine or chlorine and pregnant women.

    Technical Specification

    Each uncoated Efchlor tablet contains: Sodium dichloroisocyanurate (NaDCC) 75 mg Available chlorine 45 mg mg


    • Do not mix with acid solutions or detergent.
    • Avoid inhaling vapor and dust during handling. Irritant to eyes and respiratory system.
    • Avoid contact with skin and eyes. In case of contacts with eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water and seek medical assistance.
    • Do not expose the product to flame. Do not incinerate.
    • Avoid prolonged contact with stainless steel equipment.