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    NaDCC tablet

    Ef-Chlor Granules 1 kg


    Ef-Chlor granules Chlorine (NaDCC tablet) is a broad spectrum fast acting sanitizer and water sterilizer, rapidly effective against BACTERIA, VIRUSES, FUNGI and PROTOZOA. ef-chlor water purification systems Total spectrum of activity i.e. effective against hydro hypophilic viruses, gram positive & gram negative bacteria, fungi mould, yeast, mycoplasmas & protozoa ef-chlor water purification systems.


    • Nadcc Tablets Contain 60% Chlorine With An Effervescent Additive That Reduces Chlorine Taste And Makes The Product Safe From Possible Overdose. (Chlorine Dissapates In 30 Minutes)
    • Kills 100% Of Bacteria And All Known Viruses. Eliminates Need To Boil Water Or Rotate Stored Water.
    • Used By Disaster Relief Agencies World-Wide And Recommended By World Health Organization.
    • Red Cross Recommends Chlorine Over All Other Purification Methods.
    • 3 Years Manufactured Warranty


    Drinking Water Purification
    – Hospital Disinfection
    – Baby Bottle Sterilizing
    – Janitorial Cleaning
    – Food and Catering
    – Fruit and vegetable disinfection
    – Poultry
    – For the fast treatment of water for:
    * Emergency and Disaster
    * Travel and Camping
    * Household
    * Peace Keeping/Defence Forces
    * Marine Application
    * Disinfection of Water System
    * Municipal Water supplies